tisdag 7 februari 2012

'Dog owners.' - Kloka ord från min dotter.

"Can you please stop assuming it’s alright to let your dog, leashed or unleashed, approach mine, just because your little pooch is the sweetest thing in the world?

I don’t care if your dog wouldn’t harm a fly. You don’t know anything about the dog you’re approaching, so don’t assume that dog is just as sweet as yours.

My oldest dog, Ivar, was attacked by a random unleashed Labrador as a puppy. He doesn’t trust strangers and may just try to attack your dog.
And Bella, a former racing Greyhound, has a strong hunting instinct. Smaller dogs = toys/prey in her eyes. One paw to the back of your little pooch and it’s hurt, or even dead.

I don’t want to be responsible for your careless actions. I know my dogs, they’re always leashed, and I avoid meeting others. You should, too. Or at least ask before having your dog approach mine.

Just because we’re both dog owners doesn’t make us, nor our dogs, best friends."

Detta har vi råkat ut för ofta genom åren, att andra hundägare släpper fram sina okopplade hundar. Nej, våra är inte aggressiva, men kopplade så kan de känna sig osäkra när någon kommer framstormande utan förvarning.

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