lördag 30 april 2011

Happy DJ! :)

DJ Jazons rezzparty at Earth last thursday went very well:) He was quite surprised when we started to rezz party thingies around him. He did a happy hand stand dance!

New stuff in the workshop:)

Now there's a Wishing Well, 100L, and Dice Earrings, 25L too.
The easter thingys is gone for now and will return next year. :)
P.s I also have gorgeous bikinis for sale:)
All welcome!

Gittrikas workshop

fredag 29 april 2011

And the walk down the Memory Lane......

continued yesterday...
I wanted to see Thargor again, another former home sim of mine. Located in the Otherland/Outerland regions. But it was gone!
Also when I lived there, I could see some sims disappear, probably due to economical reasons. There are a big number of unsold parcels over the grid, so I understand why some sims have to go away. But it's sad...
I smiled when I saw the "leftovers" of the waterfall in the sim corner. It reminded me of all the times we tried to sail through it, me and Alessia (my neighbour), constantly "pushing" the creator of the boats, Eddie, overboard.
Or mostly, we all ended up in a big crash:))

torsdag 28 april 2011

The visit in Undulosa

Today I decided to visit one of my former home parcels, Undulosa.
This was my first real home, built by my mentor, building support, and close friend Eddie.
Måndagsbörsen was born here, and I had my first encounters with griefers and rude neighbours. It was a great time anyhow, because it gave me so much experience about almost everything that can happend in Second Life.
When I visit this sim today, I see a water sick abandoned area, owned by landselling bots.
This is a part of the old mainland. Sometimes I regret that I left, because you can go anywhere from here with a boat or a flying vehicle.
But, on the other hand, there are a lot of rezzing areas for vehicles in SL....
And I am not longer a preimium member so I can't buy anything on mainland.
But I'm thankful for those months in Undulosa. They mean a lot to me. .^_^

Earth ikväll torsdag 28/4!

Ännu en kommande kanonkväll med DJ Jazon! :)

Vägen till beachen
(Gå in genom dörren som det står "Beach" på när ni står i Earths entre) ;)

onsdag 27 april 2011

Torley. Is. Here.

Mr Second Life-tutorial-himself Torley Linden has 3 sims far from mainland or other sims. The Torley-sim is an explosion of physics and particle experiments. :) Things are moving by themselves and it's fun to just watch it. The Is-sim is empty, and the Here-sim is a sandbox with terraforming test abilities (for a limited time though)
This is really old areas. When I read the "about land"- info, I can see that these sims were claimed 2004. :)

Rea på Magica Hair!

Visste du att Magica har ständig rea på sin äldre hårkollektion? Några modeller kostar 49L eller 99L. Snygga, prisvärda frisyrer. Ett av mina smultronställen för bra hår..:)


måndag 25 april 2011

Måndagsbörsen 25 april--Best in yellow

Ikväll dansas påsken ut på MB! Kom och tillbringa måndagskvällen i påskpyntets tecken- i alla fall för den sista gången i år. Ta en tur i äggtåget eller dansa på påskharemattan...
DJ WeatherWax har samlat massor av låtar som har "yellow" i titel eller text. Tänk gult...Temat är BEST IN YELLOW följdaktligen:)

Vi börjar 21.30/ 12.30pm

Slurl till MB

söndag 24 april 2011

På återseende, Silent Night!

Det kändes vemodigt igår att plocka bort allt från min lilla mikroparcel jag har fått hyra av Ikaros. Gräset hann växa sig meterhögt på den dryga 1½ månaden jag har varit där. Som en liten pik fick jag t.om en gräsklippare av Ikaros som jag inte hunnit använda. Han skickade ju inte med nån bensin till den juh! ;)
Men vänta..SHAUN!! Ät inte upp påskliljorna!.....suck...

Trevliga hus till salu!

Jag fick en länk av Maffe till hans senaste inlägg om hus som han tillverkat. Röda rustika hus för alla ändamål och storlek på parcel.
Mer info på Maffes blogg! Kolla in det! :)

fredag 22 april 2011

Editing pics?

Do you want to editing or fix your pics and photos in the simpliest way?
Sometimes, when I dont want to struggle through PhotoShop or GIMP, I open
It's an online feature, quick and easy. My witch-pic in the previous post was made there. It just took me about 3 min to do it. :))

Time for take-off.....

.......but see you on monday with the traditional Easter "celebration" stuff at MB..lots of chicken, bunnehs, and even an egg-train..and of course DJ WeatherWax, spinning his awesome tunes and requests as usual:) The time is 21.30/12.30pm, more info later...

onsdag 20 april 2011

Funny outfit

Sometimes, Gittrika changes her outfit and can be seen walking around in SL just like an ordinary....eh..umm..GUITAR!
Yesterday I won OD's contest "Best in musical instruments"...Although I felt a little out of tune, and wore a string tanga (not visible here);)
Have a great day, playmates! :))

måndag 18 april 2011

Open Group

Just a little reminder that MB's group "Gittrika's Mondays and Event Ad's" now are open for anyone who wants to join it.
Open "search" and write Gittrika's in the search field and it will appear.
Welcome! :)

Måndagsbörsen 18 april

Welcome to MB's Sandbox parcel! The sandbox where only MB's staff can rezz and build things this evening. But it gives a good example what a sandbox often looks like.
To solve the "non-rezzing" state here, we invite you to the contest BEST IN SILLY ATTACHMENTS....find your attachpoints on your body and let the fantasy work.:)
I just have to clearify that "male attachments", even called Excite thingys are NOT legal here.:) Sorry about that:)
Money on the board and DJ Sirhc dealing with request lists. And a lot of friends--that makes a great MB evening!:))
We start at 21.30/12.30pm

All welcome!

Pic above: from Benten Sandbox

söndag 17 april 2011

Snart påsk

Eggstra färgglad kvartett (alla heter dock Eggbert)- 9 prim st, copy/mod 50L

Sittande kyckling- 15 prim, copy 50L

Jag har tillverkat lite mer påskpynt som nu står till försäljning i Gittrikas Workshop.:)
Alla välkomna! ;)

Ny blogg!

Välkommen Walle, in i SL-bloggvärlden igen!:)

Wallys värld

fredag 15 april 2011

Gittrikas Workshop ;)

I have opened a little shop at Walles new 1/4 of a sim Haven, Caprina
At the moment you can find some of my creations there, and some commission stuff too.
Freebies and discounted things are coming aswell. It's a slowly growing project.
My neighbouring shops are owned by Wizanna and Svessa. The next-door-building is Club Haven :) And the awesome garden is designed by Frostland!

Yes let me take a look::)
Gittrikas Workshop

torsdag 14 april 2011

Colour my world

This happens when you don't clear your cache for a while:)
The nature in SL gets kind of far-out....
A relog will solve the problem.:P

onsdag 13 april 2011

Gratis Tivoli, Ikaros! :)

Jag förmodar att åkattraktioner i SL kostar en del, både i inköp eller att hyra.
Det finns en otroligt duktig creator/scriptare som heter DJDino Oh.
Han har tillverkat en bergochdalbana man designar utseendet och storleken på själv.
Likaså finns det tågbanor man kan bygga så dom snirklar sig över hela simmen. Eller ett stort pariserhjul (OBS! 400prim)
Och allt detta finns som freebies i en sandbox i Berlin.
DJDino har gjort fler intressanta saker, som en simstatusmaskin, rörliga spindlar, ava-scanner m.m.
Han poängterar i sin profil dock att han inte har någon som helst support på sina freebies.
Helt förståeligt. Men dom är proffsigt gjorda och kan rekommenderas om man har en del prims över att leka med:) Testa det du, Ikaros;)

måndag 11 april 2011

Earth again!

Now it's time to enjoy DJ Jazon's music again, on wednesday 13th april!
Club Earth will open up for some hours of nice tunes, professionally mixed. :)
Jazon is in da house! (Kl. 20-23 swe time, 11am-2pm SLtime)
Sweet Stella is your host!

Slurl is coming in the group chats.

Haven tillbaka!

Så äntligen tog då Walle (Walentine Gazov) steget att återuppliva en bit av Haven igen. Den härliga nattklubben finns på plats, liksom butiksplatser för uthyrning.
Jag var där för en liten snabb titt i natt. Det är inte klart än, säger Walle, men utrymmet på en fjärdedel av simmen Caprina är väl disponerat, och man känner klart igen sig från gamla Haven. :)
Nu väntar vi bara på disco-kvällar i regi av DJ Walle! :)

P.s Passa på att hyra plats medan det finns lediga kvar... ;)

Slurl till Haven

lördag 9 april 2011

Dålig journalistik - igen

Aftonbladet idag: Skådespelerskan Sienna Miller's hemtelefon avlyssnad av journalister på Englands största tidning.
Ännu ett exempel på dålig journalistik, denna gång utanför Sverige.
Höjs nyhetsvärdet för att man stalkar folk? Stolpe ut på sånt....

Summer on it's way!

Soon it's time for a nice swim in the many Linden waters around SL. Do you have the right tool for it? I can recommend "Swimmer 2.06" from Siggy's WaterWorks Island. Good working functions as Scuba diving and Floating.
I used to have SLwim before but when I wore it, it made me do big jumps from the bottom of the lake up to 50-60 metres high up in the air. The word "seasick" finally got a face then. ;) It didn't help to detach things, I was still jumping. Sometimes naked. People pervcamming me in Thargor in that moment really got a memory for life. :D
Pic showing me swimming in Silent Night's awesome surroundings. Lots of ducks to see.:)

torsdag 7 april 2011

One more car

Finally my latest building project is ready. My newest car which seems to be nearly the oldest in history. Well the rl car creators from these days would probably have laughed their asses off, if they had seen this. Hmm is this how the modern human beeing remember and interpret antique cars?? :))
Hihi the look doesnt matter in this case. I just wanted to build "something" to practise precision, linking, scripting and pose adjusting on.
And it also passed through the quality control ;);)


........isn't it? :D

tisdag 5 april 2011

Project FUR Japan

From a notecard I recieved yesterday:

"After the terrible tragedy in japan everyone needs our help. Humans AND ANIMALS.


A whole sim was donated by LeLutka to make this happen and so many designers & artists have joined - for example Truth, Magika, Elate!, Curio, ISPACHI, ozimals and many many more!
There are all kinds of items that you can buy and 100% of the funds directly go to project FUR japan.
Please have a look, buy yourself something nice and do something good for the animals in japan. There are also donation boxes for those who are not in a shopping mood."

The fundraiser sim Plumhill
Linden Bears for sale at MB's Green Room ( I have a vendor there that links directly to Marketplace and the ability to buy a Linden Bear for Japan aid project.

måndag 4 april 2011

Måndagsbörsen 4 april

MB rocks! Yeah! In fact there are actually a lot of rocks here tonight..We have a little tiny bit of Grand Canyon. or as DJ WeatherWax says: Nellie the Elephant goes Dallas! :D Oh can we expect to hear the old Nellie song even tonight? ;)
The theme is slightly different...BEST IN KHAKI/CAMO...just to fit in with the surroundings..hihi...
We start at 21:00/12pm as usual:)

A little photo exhibition

I often get invites to exhibitions. This one is a small, very personal story about three friends who like to explore SL together. Warm lovery pics where the moment is catched in a charming way. :)
The photographer is Shoji Kumaki. See his profile for more exhibitions.
This one takes place at the awesome Yufuin Stained Glass Museum
Strongly recommended:)

lördag 2 april 2011

Dom blir fler....

Jag har fått rapporter om att flera anonyma avor synts till det senaste dygnet i vårt svenska Second Life :O

fredag 1 april 2011

Vem där??

Jaha så har då bloggdrottningen abdikerat. Och lämnat skeppet med en massa
dramalast till arvtagare som vill vara anonyma. Kommentarerna har varit kvidanden om "Mörkrets Krafter" och "Yttrandefriheten som fått sig en snyting"....."En mediaröst har tystnat"..
Men hallå i trollskogen! Jag kan bara prata för mig själv, men min konflikt med PG har utmynnat till att jag endast och bara inte vill vara med i hennes blogg
på något sätt och vis alls. Jag har inte förbjudit henne att skriva generellt sett. Ej heller hotat med något.
Ändå gillar folk att vispa igång en tornado i ett vattenglas. Men det vore okej
om det var slut där....men icke...
Vid en helt fredlig uppmaning till de nya namnlösa att dom åtminstone kunde
respektera min vilja att försvinna från "deras" blogg, fick jag svaret att "min
önskan skulle tas upp på nästa blogg-gruppmöte."
Men hur svårt kan det vara??
Jag gissar att helvetet bara fortsätter och fortsätter............

Att vara i händerna på anonyma personer är tyvärr lika hemskt som att vara
det på PG. Frågeställningar som: "Ska det inte vara en ära att efterträda PG,
måste det ske i lönndom?" har kommit upp. Förtroendet för PG's blogg från min
sida var inte stort då och har definitivt inte ökat nu heller.
Vikten av att inte vara anonym när man postar kommentarer, att stå för sina
åsikter, förlorar sitt motiv. Och det syns på alla anonyma kommentarar som
strömmar in, likt laglösa i en sherifflös westernrulle. Jag klandrar dom inte. Är
hela bloggstyrelsen inkognito, så varför inte, liksom?
Det kanske blir lag att man måste ha en påse över huvudet när man bloggar i fortsättningen? ;)

Cutest login-screen...

Hihi, this day can only be great when it starts like this. :)
A surprising login-screen with the Catwoman and Project Manager for the Phoenix viewer project; Jessica Lyon :)

Have a fab friday and don't forget the One Day Revival party at PJ's tonight!