tisdag 5 april 2011

Project FUR Japan

From a notecard I recieved yesterday:

"After the terrible tragedy in japan everyone needs our help. Humans AND ANIMALS.


A whole sim was donated by LeLutka to make this happen and so many designers & artists have joined - for example Truth, Magika, Elate!, Curio, ISPACHI, ozimals and many many more!
There are all kinds of items that you can buy and 100% of the funds directly go to project FUR japan.
Please have a look, buy yourself something nice and do something good for the animals in japan. There are also donation boxes for those who are not in a shopping mood."

The fundraiser sim Plumhill
Linden Bears for sale at MB's Green Room ( I have a vendor there that links directly to Marketplace and the ability to buy a Linden Bear for Japan aid project.

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  1. I don't forget support to Japan of world people.And Japanese don’t forget support to Japan of world people, too.

    Gittrika,I thank for your post.