lördag 9 april 2011

Summer on it's way!

Soon it's time for a nice swim in the many Linden waters around SL. Do you have the right tool for it? I can recommend "Swimmer 2.06" from Siggy's WaterWorks Island. Good working functions as Scuba diving and Floating.
I used to have SLwim before but when I wore it, it made me do big jumps from the bottom of the lake up to 50-60 metres high up in the air. The word "seasick" finally got a face then. ;) It didn't help to detach things, I was still jumping. Sometimes naked. People pervcamming me in Thargor in that moment really got a memory for life. :D
Pic showing me swimming in Silent Night's awesome surroundings. Lots of ducks to see.:)

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