söndag 13 mars 2011

Ooh what a night!

It's 03:20 on the sunday morning and I have just logged out from the "awesomest" and longest MB evening this year so far. Veronica Franze did a great set, followed by the DJ's WeatherWax and Ikaros, with 2 hours each of great music! Many friends came and left during the event. I lost count but surely more that 50 in total..Thanks, you were all wonderful! <3
See you on monday;)

2 kommentarer:

  1. It was a magic night, above my expectations. Well done GIT, and thank you all the work and support to the Artist and myself. / NEO T

  2. Tack så hemskt mycket Git! Det gick verkligen bra och var ruskigt kul!