fredag 18 mars 2011

A new DJ is born! :)

I was at Connemara Hills yesterday and enjoyed their celebration of S:t Patricks day.
A very good and nice surprice was the DJ..It was sweet Rultan Zeplin! It was her very first DJing session, with voice presentation too!
I feel warm inside when I think of all the good stuff that women can create in SL. Like rl, it can be a man's world even in the virtual worlds. And every time we create something good, it transforms to music in our hearts.
We have a few awesome female DJ's in SL, and Rultan is definately one of them!
I support the good ones. Not those who is boasting and spamming in groupchats about their events. It have to come natural.
I'm looking forward to hear you again, Rultan. Thanks for a great evening!:)

Thanks also to the Connemara team. You really rock! Hugs!

3 kommentarer:

  1. She made my day, it was a strong performance from Rultan, i could not imagine her acting as a DJ, but in secondlife everything is possible =)

    hugz from NEO T

  2. A few awesome women???????????? I think there are lots of them, talented and gifted. Or maybe you meant in the swedish community? Anyway I do admire all these fabulous creative women, they are great!

  3. Aaaaw, thank you my dear friends!!

    No, I couldn't imagine it either lol, but love can make miracles.

    So glad you came to Connemara Hills, it's so nice to see you there everytime :))

    Love you, hugss :)