lördag 26 mars 2011

Bright idea?!

I am really hesitating about Earth Hour. It's known to be a global energy saving event. The whole world will switch off the light at the same time and turn it on again after 60 minutes..Gooosh what an energy consumption it will be then. Mother Earth surely will suffer from respiratory distress that moment.^-^
It must be way better to encourage ppl to always save energy instead. To temporary switch off the light in rooms you not use at the moment. Everyday....always...
Stupid event.....

6 kommentarer:

  1. Agree ! i prefer to be careful every day instead of one hour one time per year :-O / NEO T

  2. yup last year i refused to play along but still same sec it was over the power went out in my neighbourhood for over 2 hours... the relay station blew up by everyone turning on at the same time...go figure haha

  3. Tur att vi tycker olika! Vi räddar inte en planet men vi visar att vi bryr oss!

  4. -Agree! I want to decide when to "jump". Not "jump" because some one else want me to. As you said, there´s a big risk that the power system collapses when the eart hour ends.

  5. Det kan vara ett japanskt att behöva ompröva om elektrisk energi.

    Den japanska kärnkraftverket gjorde ett bra blunder.

    Verkligheten måste ses i ansiktet...

  6. NEO, Vampi and Vanadis: Yes, it seems to be more like a "happening" than a good cause.

    Ujiyasu: Yes, we rather have to find out safe and good ways to produce and store electric power.

    Lena: Man FÅR tycka olika. ;)