tisdag 22 mars 2011

A Funny...eh I mean Furry Hunt:)

I'm not usually into hunts. My patience doesn't allow those kind of adventures, but this one looks kinda both funny and furry..:) I might try and get something from it.
When I clicked on the sign, I got this Notecard:

Welcome to the Cover My Furry Butt Hunt!!

This is a themed hunt for furries but you don't have to be one to play! Many designers will be giving away items that can be used for humans and furries, so grab the starting point below and join us for lots of fun!

Grab the LM here to the start location Derp.

Join the Cover My Furry Butt! group for help! Copy and paste the address below in your chat bar to join!

Head over to the CMFB Hunt website for a list of clues, if the shops are willing to provide you with one, and the full list of shops!

Lets have lots of fun!

Cover My Furry Butt!
Viticus and Alurya Goff

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