måndag 14 mars 2011

If it's magic....

I rarely watch TV anymore. I no longer need that form of media. We have many different ways to access the tv channels we wish to see. The most common newspapers can be read online. And I'm very happy that my TV is off when they show song contests and other "musical" stuff. It's too easy too call someone an "artist" or "singer" nowadays.
People don't care if there is any talent, they only see the "hip" part of being famous. Young "artist" reach diva status after 15 minutes in the spotlight. But they forget about one thing...the work behind it.
Ok, many performers do a very good job, but the real star isn't born until they have travelled shitloads of boring roads, carried tons of technical equipment, puked in the dressing room, due to pure stage fright, and have had weeks of rehearsals.
And besides that...the music was better back in the day. Just listen to Stevie Wonder.
Good musicians never go out of date and will never be forgotten....:)

(I want to clearify that I mean contests like Eurovision song contest, Idol,and other programs for "talents" in the TV media.)

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