tisdag 10 maj 2011

A sunny story

Yesterday I read a sad note from the owner of the sims with the prefix YUMIX.
He couldn't keep his sims due to a transaction issue with LL. He has a japanese credit card, and LL was unable to process the payment with that card.
He was forced to close down and leave his sims, and the account became suspended.
Yumix are great for flying and driving. The big vehicle exhibition was held here. Airports, road networks, sandbox, sailing areas, and of course nice shops makes Yumix a great place. :)
And this morning I read a new note from Yumix, saying that the payment issue was solved. The sims are saved! LL can now handle and recieve transactions with japanese credit cards ;) I mean, why not. We live in a technical developed world, and LL cant lose any more paying customers now.
If you haven't visit Yumix sims yet, please do. They are nice for exploring! :)

Yumix Square Central Park

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  1. Probably it was a defect of the payment systems of LL.Japanese premium account owners settled an account by Japanese Yen conventionally. It is the cause that cannot use the CD that currency of settlement was changed from Japanese Yen to US$ suddenly.

    The confused inhabitants were not able to receive enough support from LL. LL has already discharged the staff who could speak Japanese last year. Many Japanese inhabitants were not able to understand words of the English staff of the fast talking. Some were at a loss among them and gave up SL.

    The accident about CD gives big uneasiness in a user.