tisdag 3 maj 2011

Introducing Dash Deals on the SL Marketplace!

Introducing Dash Deals on the SL Marketplace!

"Everyone loves a great deal, right?

So, we’re introducing a new test program called “Dash Deals.” During this test, we will be running one Dash Deal per week, for the next five weeks. Dash Deals will provide Second Life Marketplace shoppers with the opportunity to purchase a specific virtual item for 24 hours at a 50% discount or more. Hand-picked by the Linden team from Merchant submissions, these products highlight the creativity and variety of products available to Marketplace shoppers. We hope that you enjoy our selections and take advantage of the deals!"

Good news for such a Marketplace customer as me..:) Well I visit the shops inworld too, but in lack of time, it's great to avoid all the teleporting around the grid.

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